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Chimpo Brings the Weekend in With This Exclusive Jungle Mix

It's a junglist affair.

by Angus Harrison
Nov 6 2015, 2:39pm

Somebody needs to explain the concept of birthday presents to Red Bull Studios. You see the idea is, when it's your big day, you get given gifts by others. The London based studios, on the other hand, have got it the wrong way round and have decided to celebrate their fifth birthday by treating us to an exclusive jungle mix from Manc man Chimpo. We've just taken the whole thing for a spin and it's an absolute rib-tickler. Not only that but the man himself is on rude form when it comes to his MCing, shouting everything out from Red Bull to Manchester. We're pretty sure we even heard Marks and Spencer getting a shout out. Listen to the mix in its entirety below, and don't forget to send Red Bull studios a birthday card. You might have forgotten your mums birthday, but we're not letting you get away with this one.

Chimpo is on Twitter/Facebook/Soundcloud.