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Music by VICE

Hit the Floor and "Let Go" With This Video from Isis Salam

Office-wide dance party engage.

by David Garber
Mar 11 2014, 9:13pm

Let's be real, none of us are cool enough to be in this music video. And that's mainly because Toronto-bred MC, Isis Salam, has set the bar pretty high. Accompanied by German beatsmiths Kruse and Nuernberg, this trio came together like white on rice to craft up a bubbling house number set to some visuals that are taking us straight back to the 90s garage wave.

Watch Isis and her dancers ooze in style as they shuffle their feet around Berlin's streets and nightclubs and next thing you know it you'll have the whole office doing a synchronized dance number in the break room. Fill the water cooler up with some Alizé, hit that floor, and let it go. 

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