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Adult Jazz Forgo the Pop Zeitgeist for the Pop Poltergeist in their New Single "Eggshell"

"Eggshell" is from the EP "Earrings Off!,' which is out May 20 from Tri Angle Records.

by Michael Scott Barron
Apr 16 2016, 6:05pm

Adult Jazz make a sort of unclassifiable and mischievous pop music that sounds as haunted as it does haughty. The Leeds-based electro quartet have unsurprisingly found a home with the witchy label Tri Angle Records and have shared the video for their first single, "Eggshell."

Directed by video artist Samuel Travis, an eggshell white man resembling an anatomically correct mannequin (crotch and all) sings in a heavily vocoder'd voice along to percussion that seems culled from a laboratory beaker. Adding to the surreality of the imagery and sounds are the abstract lyrics, with verses such as: "I stuff my courages with some socks / I stuffed my courage, strutted foxy like a fox / And if the body is a rock / Rock body tell me what I'm not." Watch it above.

Of the lyrics, singer Harry Burgess described them as: "hanging on the ideas of how we teach, incentivise and enforce gender, and whether we observe vs. assemble our selfhood. Choice or determinacy, or one disguised as the other."

More of the band's philosophies and inspirations can be read on their regularly updated tumblr. "Eggshell" is from the EP Earrings Off!, which is out May 20 from Tri Angle.

Earrings Off! tracklist

01 "Earrings Off!"
02 "(Cry For Time Off)"
03 "Eggshell"
04 "(Cry For Coherence)"
05 "Pumped From Above"
06 "Ooh Ah Eh"
07 "(Cry For Home)"

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