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TWONK Alert! Brillz and Friends Discuss Their Wild Fashions

Check out the first episode of our new style show Good Looks with ya boi Brilly Twonka.

by THUMP Staff
Feb 13 2014, 1:15am

Good Looks is an original THUMP series that covers DJs' personal style: the best, the brightest, the most outlandish. We look in their closets, their suitcases, and their sock drawers to find out what inspires their look.

Brillz has many nicknames but our favorite is Brilly Twonka—whenever he plays he resembles the crazy costumed madman known for orchestrating chaos and fun with whatever group he's around. Brillz is simply the don when it comes to big-room trap that doesn't lose its sense of humor... and he has the fashion to match.

In this video, we caught up to Brillz in his L.A. apartment where he lives with songwriting partner/muse Sarah Hudson aka Minxx. Hudson's no slouch either, having written pop songs with Dr. Luke and Katy Perry—and also appearing with some very saucy raps on Brillz's "Fuzzy Peach." We checked out their totally trippy pad while talking about nature, head scarves, and why Brillz doesn't wear all black like every other DJ out there. 

Also appearing in this video is Oz, with whom Brillz collaborates on the TWONK and Human Weirdo lines. Check out their stuff here and don't forget to #TWONK.