Planet Earth's David Attenborough Narrates a Manchester United Practice

Behold: a hated team in its natural habitat.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Sep 11 2015, 10:58pm

Whoever made this brilliant concoction certainly found a beautiful intersection of the largest circles imaginable on a Venn Diagram: those who love David Attenborough—narrator of the real Planet Earth, not that Oprah or Sigourney Weaver riff raff—and those who hate (or are at least willing to make fun of) Manchester United.

Ok, so it turns out it's made by talkSPORT, but Lord, is it a nice product. It is a perfect mishmash of out-of-context audio of David Attenborough doing what he does best: talk about nature—but set to scenes of a Manchester United practice. Apparently, there are other iterations on the same idea. Some highlights from this one:

The intro, somehow cobbled together from real Attenborough clips.

  • "For this team, success has been part of its history. They used to be the champion, but now it would be lucky if they are to finish fourth."

While on a shot of Louis van Gaal.

  • "This extraordinary creature manages the group. Evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, he is one of nature's most impressive creations. His ego is the largest living structure on our planet."

A scene of Bastian Schweinsteiger practicing.

  • "Elsewhere, this male is very ancient, and perhaps 2,000 years old. It has only a few weeks of its life left."

While on Wayne Rooney.

  • "Here's another male. It's a sloth. This is a very unusual sight: a sloth in a hurry."

Gosh, if only our lives could be narrated by that knight in shining armor.