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The Top 12 DJs on Spotify

You want to know who the best DJ is? Ask the listeners.

by THUMP Staff
Jul 22 2014, 6:00pm

Spotify-the beautiful land where music flows free and endless like the tasting stations at the new Gowanus Whole Foods, or our weekly curated free tracks. It's a beautiful thing. For the fans it means all kinds of freedom and for the artists, we imagine it might be fun to rack up followers and count exactly how many people listen to each and every song. It's both competition and confirmation, and what top DJ-or any person, really-doesn't love a little of both? Here are the top DJs, by follower count at our last check, on Spotify. Who needs a DJ Mag list when the listeners themselves have spoken?

1. David Guetta - 5,508,051

Forgot about him? Not so fast. One of the top French DJs of ALL TIME still stands at number one on the Spotify love charts. He just played an epic set at Tomorrowland's 10th Anniversary fiesta and was confirmed to headline the iTunes festival in London alongside Pharrell and Maroon 5. Love has not let him go.

2. Avicii - 3, 072,701

He might send throngs to the hospital with each show, but people still cannot get over waking up to Avicii. We're assuming this is all much safer from the privacy and comfort of your own home. For a little update on the prince of EDM, Avicii is working on his next album with rock stars like Chris Martin of Coldplay and Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Next thing you know, Avicii will have transformed rock n' roll as we know it.

3. Skrillex - 2,797,935

Not much more to say about Sonny other than the fact that he performed a song from the Lion King while standing on a space ship just a day before sharing a stage with Lauryn Hill, A$AP Ferg, Zedd, Robby Kreiger from The Doors and Janelle Monae. This kind of behavior is transcendental.

4. Daft Punk - 1, 770,874

Simply calling Daft Punk DJs is almost dishonoring their game-changing name, but this list would not quite be complete without them. Maybe they got half these followers after "Lucky" exploded into the song of the summer last year, but remember "Around the World" and that glorious triangle stage? We will never forget.

5. Calvin Harris - 1,701,443

The man is more powerful than Justin Timberlake. Of course he almost has 2 million followers.

6. Armin Van Buuren - 1,025,736

On July 8 Armin became the first Dutch artist to hit 1,00,000 Spotify followers, an accomplishment that also makes him one of the top 50 most followed artists on Spotify. For this list, that puts him at number 5 in the follower count. Welcome to the club Armin.
7. Deadmau5 - 912,625

Even after his tour around the world, Joel Zimmerman levels off at just a bit under the one million mark. His first "real" album dropped June 17, but that still hasn't pushed him over the edge. What will bring Deadmau5 to one million? We anxiously wait to find out.

8. Axwell - 474,837

Axwell is the most followed of his Swedish House Mafia brothers. Maybe that's why Ingrosso tapped in for an EDM-duet to drop by the end of this year.

9. Tiësto - 469,995

Never not on a list of top DJs anywhere.

10. Hardwell - 399,455

DJ Mag's number one DJ can't even break half a million on Spotify. Still, he's got roving packs of screaming fans everywhere, so we're sure his ego is satisfied. If he keeps it up he's likely to pass his mentor Tiësto sometime soon.

11. Disclosure - 353, 439

For all the fame and glory Disclosure have accumulated over the past year, it's a bit surprising they're this far down on the list. We just want more music already, guys.

11. Martin Garrix 283, 961

The Bieber of EDM just sneaked in here. I'd estimate 45% of these followers arrived post-"Animal" craze, so the kid is moving quickly.

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