Kodak to Graph's Remix of Slow Magic's "Girls" Will Make Subwoofers Blush

A lesser man would call it "festival trap," but I prefer to call it a "damn good tune."

Sep 17 2014, 7:07pm

Following the release of his latest studio album, How To Run Away, Slow Magic kicked off his North American tour with Kodak to Graph and Daktyl in San Francisco last week. If you want a little taste of what to expect from the trio, look no further than Kodak to Graph's brand new remix of my favourite Slow Magic track to date, "Girls." It plays on the sensitive, emotional side of the song and elevates it to a level that would make any PK Sound or Funktion-One subwoofer feel like a very naughty girl indeed. A lesser man would call it "festival trap," but I prefer to call it a "damn good tune."

Slow Magic's live performance truly speaks for itself, so be sure to check out the video from his recent Audiotree Festival performance down below. If you want to find out where he'll be playing near you, all the info can be found here.

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