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Vanilla Ace's "The Living" is Soul Music For the Undead

Stream the UK house champion's latest and peep his opinion on US rave fashion

by Jemayel Khawaja
Aug 7 2014, 5:45pm

This spooky-ass track might elicit imagery of Jack Skellington gurning his way through a zombie rave, but it was something a lot closer to home that inspired Vanilla Ace to put it all together. "When I made 'The Living' last year, I really liked the Lone track 'Airglow Fires'. That vibe was a big influence," he tells THUMP. "You can hear Lone's pull in the bass synth pushing the beat along – it has the effect of adding a sense of urgency to what's already a moody tune.

Ace's been all over the US since his rangy take on deep house began piquing ears worldwide. This Summer, he dove headfirst into the American underground, and he's got the anecdotes to prove it: "I played Audio SF last Friday," he says. "It was great, but, as I was setting up, a girl came up to the booth and asked me to play 'Hypnotize.' I'm thinking she wanted my Toolroom Records 'Hypnotize' release, but in fact it was Notorious B.I.G version! I told her it was a 'house night,' but she complained, 'its the same beat over and over!...So I suppose it's not that different to other punters around the globe that end up in the wrong club."

Last weekend, Ace got a moment on the big stage of HARD Summer. "I noticed at HARD festival that the girls literally wear next to nothing," he laughs. "I know its hot, but seriously some girls need to check the mirror before putting a thong on in public!"

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