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What If The Greatest Disasters In History Never Happened?

<p>In his project <i>Loading</i>, artist/programmer Brüno Melo ponders what life would be like if some of the most remarkable events ever witnessed by humankind never took place.</p>

by Mariana Rezende
Sep 18 2012, 2:39pm

The story of humankind is so besmirched by violent and destructive events, it's almost impossible to imagine our existence without some tragedy of catastrophic proportions to serve as a benchmark. With that in mind, student and artist/programmer Brüno Melo conceived Loading, a series inspired by that loathsome little circle icon that keeps spinning while we anxiously wait for a page or video to load. Melo layers this omnipresent icon over visually arresting, often disturbing images that signify this cultural tumult.

"The city is chaotic and violence is everywhere," says Melo. "Loading is based on the link between the internet and real-life things that shouldn't have loaded. Did you ever think about how many things have loaded throughout history that shouldn't have?"

Check out below some of the images from this work in progress.

Image credit: Blue line 2011

Image credit: Daily 23

Image credit: Radio Pela Educação

Image credit: Hockey Jimm

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