The World Is Turning Upside Down in the 'Stranger Things' Season Two Trailer

We're going to have to wait until Halloween to get new episodes.

by River Donaghey
Feb 6 2017, 2:33pm

Screenshot via Netflix

Tom Brady may have come back from a huge deficit and trounced the Falcons on Sunday night, but the most important thing to happen during the Super Bowl wasn't the game or Lady Gaga's spin moves or the sexualization of Mr. Clean. The best thing we got from the 2017 Super Bowl was, unequivocally, the first trailer and release date for Stranger Things season two.

The first season of Stranger Things was a massive word-of-mouth hit when it dropped on Netflix last July. Since then, the streaming company has tried to replicate Stranger Things batshit success with mixed results. Now, it looks like we're in for a second season of nosebleeds and 1980s reveries just in time for Halloween.

The trailer is light on plot, but from what we can tell, Will is back home in Indiana, but he isn't free of the Upside Down yet. There are a few shots of him in what looks like a mental institution, and he's seeing some pretty nuts monsters that look even worse than last season's flower-faced guy. Netflix has said that this season takes place toward the end of 1984, which makes sense, since the kids are wearing Ghostbusters costumes to school.

One person noticeably absent from the trailer is Winona Ryder. Is she coming back to frantically shout and play with Christmas lights in season two? Who knows! We'll have to wait until October 31 to get any real answers. Until then, watch the trailer below.