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Giant Eyeballs Invade Earth In Laurent Garnier's "Jacques In The Box"

The Noisey premiere of his new electro banger.
April 3, 2012, 8:35pmUpdated on April 4, 2012, 12:35am

Creator Laurent Garnier has seen the world change with technology. As he described to us back in 2010, he remembers the days when DJing was all about vinyl, the art later augmented by the CD, then by mixing software, and so forth. He may not have guessed it, but the next big change Garnier is witnessing is the invasion of earth by beings of the eyeball variety.

In his new video for “Jacques In The Box,” which premiered on our sister site Noisey today, we take take a ride in a convertible to the center of a far less enticing Las Vegas—a grayed out 70s version of Sin City that’s being watched by gigantic floating eyeballs. The townspeople (if you can call folks from Las Vegas that) seem to be going about business as usual, ignoring the watchful specters.

We somehow managed to get through describing this video without using a single eye-related pun! Got any that are just too good (bad) to keep to yourself? Share in the comments below…