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So This Boxing Match Between Giant Robots Might Actually Happen

The real-life giant robot fight just got confirmed.

by Emiko Jozuka
Jul 6 2015, 5:45pm

Last week US-based MegaBots, a company trying to build giant gun-wielding robots that battle each other in live competitions, issued a challenge to Japan's homegrown giant robot makers. Well, the politics of megabot sparring just heated up: Suidobashi Heavy Industries has accepted the duel.

But there's a condition: It has to be a metallic fistfight.

In response to two quiffed MegaBots dudes draped in American flags touting their giant bot's firepower, Suidobashi has hit back with a slicker, snarkier video.

"Just building something big and sticking guns on it. It's...Super American," said Kogoro Kurata, the CEO of Suidobashi Heavy Industries and creator of Kuratas, a 12-foot-high, 9000-pound Transformers-like robot. (Kuratas, incidentally, isn't exactly a peace bot either since it has twin Gatling guns that fire BBs.)

Hardly hiding a smirk, Kurata retorted that MegaBots' video challenge was "interesting", but could probably have benefited from being slightly cooler. "We can't let another country win this. Giant robots are part of Japanese culture," added Kurata.

Let's see if the lightweight Kuratas "punches to scrap" the "12,000 pounds of gasoline-powered [paintball-sputtering] fury" in 2016, or gets squished in the process.

The exact time and location of the duel has yet to be set, but watch this space.

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