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The Simple App That Creates a Specialized VR Film to Reflect Your Mood

Introducing 'Loops.'

by Kari Paul
Sep 15 2015, 1:40pm

Loops on display at Internet Yami-Ichi with Google cardboard. (Image: Invisible Light Network)

With a few clicks of a button, you can now create a short VR film customized to reflect your current mood.

The new app called Loops comes from Invisible Light Network, an animation and design studio that works in interactive projects and short films. Loops is the first VR venture from the studio, and it premiered at Internet Yami-Ichi on Saturday.

"We've been wanting to do a project in VR for a long time," director Elliot Blanchard said. "We've also always been interested in giving people the tools to make something new, and this project kind of grew out of both of those things—VR, and co-creation."

Users try out Loops at Internet Yami-Ichi. (Image: Invisible Light Network)

The app, which will soon be available on Android and iOS, prompts users to rate their mood and attitude on two scales and then builds a VR loop based on the answers. It requires only a smartphone and Google Cardboard, making it more accessible than, say, a game for the Oculus Rift.

"We wanted to make it less limiting," Blanchard said. "If you make something that allows users to create their own project but you have to have expensive equipment, you would be kind of reversing it."

How Loops looks through the eyes of VR (Image: Invisible Light Network)

The app is more interactive and creative than many standard VR applications, which can seem limited to 360 video or games. The videos themselves are filled with a few dozen animated characters, and feel fairly relaxing to view, regardless of what mood you input,.

So if you like to get a little weirder with your VR, keep an eye on the app store for Loops, which will be formally released with new features in the coming weeks.

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