Film Noir Meets Glitch Art in This Dystopian Animated Short

'Glitch Noir' offers up a killer pixelated glimpse of the future.

Sep 7 2015, 12:22pm

In this fantastic animated short from Cody Healey-Conelly, classic noir tropes and glitch art combine in a story set in a dystopian near-future.

In Glitch Noir, war has become fully automated thanks in part to a weapons conglomerate named Tyrell Omni. Their attack drones begin malfunctioning, killing civilians and leveling New York City, due to a rogue and bloodthirsty AI that has hijacked the drones' software.

The gravelly-voiced protagonist is led down the data-streamed rabbit hole by a vixenish damsel in distress looking for her missing son, and eventually finds who's really behind the violent AI.

Healey-Conelly's art is very sui generiskind of like Roy Lichtenstein on acid. If you like noir film, glitch art, or both, you should definitely give this a look.