Chicago Bears Teammates Beef On Twitter Over Unfollowing

Kyle Long and Martellus Bennett are beefing on Twitter because the Bears are a mess and Twitter is weird.

by Sean Newell
Jan 13 2015, 3:35pm

In many ways, the Chicago Bears offseason mirrors the actual season. Confusion, hostility, and a certain train-wreck quality surround the franchise. But now Instead of a Jay Cutler turnover, or Marc Trestman's serial killer flat affect, teammates Kyle Long and Martellus Bennett are getting testy with each other on Twitter.

The main beef, as best I can gather, is that Bennett unfollowed Long and Long felt slighted.

Apparently Kyle Long takes Twitter extremely seriously, and regards an unfollow as something approaching the level of a declaration of war. Your deeds, Mr. Prime Minister, have given us no other choice but to reciprocate your act. Kyle Long is a statesman, Martellus Bennett sank the Lusitania, and this conflict has only just begun.

More puzzling still, Bennett is responding to a days-old tweet. And he's still going in.

These guys play on the same line! For the Bears, remember, who seem to be incapable of getting out of their own way. But, hey, Ryan Pace was a good hire. That's something positive, I suppose?

Twitter is so damned weird sometimes.