Cash Slaves

In our money-centric society, finding sexual pleasure by giving away your hard earned dollars seems like the ultimate dystopian fetish. But for the cash slaves who get off on financial domination, losing money is a real turn-on.

by VICE Staff
Oct 22 2015, 4:00am

It seems like BDSM has hit the mainstream these days. Everybody and their mom is reading 50 Shades of Grey or listening to Dan Savage and then swinging by the hardware store for some solid-braid nylon rope to twist around their loved ones.

But while light bondage and a few spanks are becoming pretty standard, there are still some areas of BDSM where things get a little extreme. One fetish gaining traction slightly beyond the public eye is "financial domination"—an extreme form of submission where you give away thousands of dollars only to be told you're a piece of shit by a dominatrix you'll likely never meet or actually have sex with.

In this episode of Love Industries, we take a look at both sides of financial domination, from the fin-dommes themselves to the guys getting off by giving up their savings. You probably won't see housewives on the subway reading novels about fetishes like financial domination any time soon, but the fin-domme world is only growing larger each day.

Special thanks to the Fin-Dommes who provided archival material for this piece: Lara Kane, Goddess Lola Lux, Princess Jersey, Princess Kelly Sunshine, Princess Rene, Cherry Torn, and Mix Trix Fix.

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