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VICE Exclusive: Listen to an Exclusive Stream of Ricky Eat Acid's New Mixtape About Smoking Weed

One song is about McDonald's and another is about XBox 360.

by Charlie Ambler
May 28 2015, 5:25pm

Ricky Eat Acid is the ambient project of Sam Ray, a musician who continues to do a pretty astounding job at riding that careful line between cult popularity and commercial viability. His music is remarkably introspective but won't alienate you—it's the type of thing you put on when you want to zone out in bed and remember emotions you haven't felt in a while.

Ray's new mixtape is—according to the man himself—all about smoking weed. It's the followup to Three Love Songs, which came out early last year. Smoke a blunt in your car at night and listen responsibly.

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