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Have Caviar and Brisket for Breakfast with This Very Decadent Hash

You'll probably have to go back to bed after eating this.

by Munchies Staff
Oct 18 2017, 7:00pm

Breakfast hash isn't exactly the most sophisticated dish. It's usually just a frying pan full of potatoes and whatever meat and vegetables you have lying around, with the obligatory fried egg on top. Hearty, sure, though not exactly soigné.

But what if it was made with tater tots instead of plain ol' spuds? This genius idea is only the starting point for breakfast hash conceived of by Fat Prince Andy Milonakis and Bludso's Bar + Que chef Noah Galuten. Building on that very solid foundation, the boys created a symphony of smoked brisket and charred poblano peppers doused in duck fat and garnished with ludicrous amounts of Sevruga sturgeon caviar.

RECIPE: Brisket Hash with Caviar and Eggs

It ain't cheap and you'll probably have to go back to bed after eating it, but you will have beautiful dreams of swimming with sturgeon in a sea of tots, we promise.

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