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It’s the 9/11 Anniversary and Trump Is Tweeting About a Third Term

He just can't stop “joking” about violating the 22nd Amendment and claiming his supporters might demand that he stay in office

by Alex Lubben
Sep 11 2019, 2:43pm

On the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, and having just fired his third National Security Advisor earlier in the day, President Donald Trump personally informed the nation that, if he were able to run for a third term, he would.

At around a quarter to midnight on Tuesday, Trump tweeted out a picture of a red campaign poster with “Trump 2024” printed in big block letters. The president, of course, can’t constitutionally run for a third term, but that hasn’t stopped him from repeatedly “joking” about violating the 22nd Amendment and claiming his supporters might just demand that he stay in office after his second term.

"I only joke," Trump told NBC’s Chuck Todd in June. "I joke and I say, 'Watch! I will drive Chuck Todd crazy.’”

“Oh, they’re going crazy,” he said about the press at a rally earlier this month. “Tomorrow, you’re going to see headlines, ‘Trump wants an extra term. I told you. I told you.’ ‘He wants an extra term, ladies and gentlemen. We told you. We told you he’s a dictator. We told you.’”

After the 2024 tweet, Trump then harped in a series of tweets on what he sees as bad polling. A Washington Post/ABC News poll was released Wednesday morning that showed Trump trailing behind the top five Democratic presidential contenders.

“In a hypothetical poll, done by one of the worst pollsters of them all, the Amazon Washington Post/ABC, which predicted I would lose to Crooked Hillary by 15 points (how did that work out?), Sleepy Joe, Pocahontas and virtually all others would beat me in the General Election,” Trump tweeted. “This is a phony suppression poll, meant to build up their Democrat partners.”

“Look at North Carolina last night. Dan Bishop, down big in the Poll, WINS. Easier than in 2016!” he added, referring to the North Carolina House race, the last of the 2018 midterms, where Bishop, a Republican in a historically Republican district, eked out a victory over Democratic challenger Dan McCready. (That, for the record, is not a very good sign for Republican prospects in the suburbs in 2020.)

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump celebrated Bishop’s win, as well as Republican Greg Murphy’s in a deep-red district in North Carolina. “BIG NIGHT FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!” he wrote.

Trump, for better or worse, wasn’t the only big-name Republican to make an unusual 9/11 post. Rudy Giuliani, New York’s mayor during 9/11 and dubbed America’s Mayor for his handling of the aftermath, tweeted out a bizarre video, apparently celebrating the riot police defending the nation from hordes of antifa protesters.

Cover: President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Fayetteville, N.C., Monday, Sept. 9, 2019. (AP Photo/Chris Seward)

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