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Will Chance the Rapper Save Soundcloud?

His tweets indicate the Chicago-based rapper is working to help the company.

by Britt Julious
Jul 15 2017, 5:03pm

Foto vía Flickr por el usuario Julio Enrique.

As conflicting details about the fate of Soundcloud continue to be released to the public, one unlikely musician aims to help the streaming and distribution platform.

On Thursday, Chance tweeted that he was, "working on the Soundcloud thing."

And Friday, Chance offered another update on his Twitter, claiming he, "had a very fruitful call," with Alex Ljung, the CEO of Soundcloud. Chance also declared Soundcloud is here to stay.

Details about Chance's call with Ljung have not been released, but Soundcloud later released a statement in a blog post claiming Soundcloud wasn't "going anywhere."

In a series of tweets, the company also said, "Your music isn't going anywhere. Neither are we. We're gonna keep providing you with the tools to discover, share and connect."