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These Cheese and Chorizo Molletes Are the Grilled Cheese of Your Dreams

Melt your cheese, not your brain.

by Munchies Staff
Jul 20 2017, 7:00pm

Remember those canned black beans you put out during Taco Tuesday? The ones that are usually reserved for your vegetarian guests and inevitably end up covered in cling wrap in the fridge?

Well, they need not dry out any longer. You can use leftover (or fresh) black beans to step up your mollete game by combining them with cheese, chorizo, and pickled onions, and serving this glorious mixture on really good bread.

A mollete is essentially a Mexican grilled cheese, so you're going to need one whole pound of Oaxaca cheese and a bread with a crunchy exterior—like bolillo roll or a baguette—for this recipe.

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Heck, you could even throw a fried egg on there in the morning and you probably wouldn't have to eat until the late afternoon.

Best consumed at any time of day with really cold beer.