The Secret to Obama's Dance Moves Is 'Staying in the Pocket'

The former president talks about dancing onstage with Prince in his upcoming Letterman interview.
January 11, 2018, 5:00pm

President Obama will be the first guest on David Letterman's upcoming Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, when the show's debut episode hits the streaming service this Friday. It will be Obama's first televised interview since leaving office, and there's no shortage of topics for Obama, Dave, and Dave's beard to discuss during the hour-long interview.

But in a new clip released ahead of Friday's premiere, Obama and Letterman don't talk about Trump or the joys of jury duty. Instead, the pair tackles a much more pressing topic: Obama's tips for the dance floor.

"I have dad moves," the former president tells Letterman, recalling a story where he and his daughter danced onstage with Prince a few months before the singer's death. "And I think the key is what we call 'staying in the pocket.'"

Apparently, Obama subscribes to that classic Hitch tenant about sticking in your comfort zone while getting your groove on, so as to avoid some Icarian fate on the dance floor by trying to pull off something a little too advanced.

"I think everybody here knows dads who go out of the pocket," Obama says, addressing Letterman's chuckling live audience. "They're trying stuff they can't really pull off."

The minute-long clip doesn't give us much more than a taste of the interview, but it looks like Dave didn't miss a step coming back after retirement. He and Obama have a casual and comfortable rapport, and it'll be interesting to see how the conversation will evolve when they tackle some more serious subject matter.

The Obama episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction will debut on Netflix Friday, January 12. Until then, revisit the former president's fire Spotify playlists and give his advice a shot.