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Kanye West Rapped on the Phone for a Dying Fan

Kim Kardashian West tweeted that they are "praying for her family."

by Lauren O'Neill
Jan 9 2018, 3:05pm

Image via YouTube

Kanye West has been taking some time out lately (hopefully to make his glorious return later in 2018), but it's good to know that when his fans need him, he's still around. On January 3, he was the subject of a tweet which claimed that he'd called up a dying fan to perform for her on the phone. Yesterday, Kim Kardashian West seemed to substantiate the claim by saying that the Wests were "praying" for the family of the girl, who has since died.

TMZ reports that Kanye rapped "I Love Kanye" for the fan, as well as chatting for a while. It's a nice reminder that though Kanye may be out of the public eye, he's still keen to do what he can for those who love his music.

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