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Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, August 2019

Welcome to Leo season, dear Gemini!

by Annabel Gat
Aug 1 2019, 12:33pm

Amanda Lanzone

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July was such a pain! You felt out of the loop, which is the saddest experience for a Gemini—as the sign of the twins, you belong in the loop! I’m pleased to report that August, and the sun in Leo, will bring you right back to where you love to be: in the middle of it all, connected, informed, and having fun! You’re seeking freedom as Venus in Leo clashes with Uranus in Taurus. You’re not totally sure what you want, but you’re eager to explore and make changes. Surprising news or discoveries will likely be made, and you might find yourself sharing something private rather unexpectedly!

  • Get a fresh start after July’s retrograde by cleansing your space with this candle that includes rosemary to clear unwanted energy.
  • Celebrate Leo season with this guide to all things regal, glamorous and golden, for when you’re in the mix!
  • When the urge for change hits, but you’re not sure what you want, some self-reflection may be in order. Try some exercises in this beautiful moon journal.

Jupiter in Sagittarius brings blessings to your relationships, especially as it connects with the sun and Venus on August 7 and 8 respectively, making this a marvelous time for communication. A love note may end up in your inbox! Passion and creativity flows, and a sense of ease and connectedness is in the atmosphere—it’s truly a delightful time! Jupiter ends its retrograde on August 11, and your relationships continue to grow—you may find yourself connecting with many more partners in love, business, or creativity.

August 11 also finds Mercury entering Leo, bringing news your way and boosting your mental acuity. You’ve always been proud of your wit, and you’re even prouder now that your ruling planet Mercury is in the sign of the lion! Uranus also begins its retrograde on August 11, which could find your sleep schedule getting a little screwy—make extra time to rest and don’t overbook yourself. You might also find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea, so keep a notebook nearby so you don’t forget these genius schemes by morning.

  • Lighting a candle is a great spiritual practice to keep those creative juices flowing!
  • If your mind is in overdrive try this moon beam sleep aid that lulls you to slumber with pulsing light, to get some much needed rest.

The sun and Venus meet in Leo on August 14 before the full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius on August 15, making mid-month an especially important time for communication. A new cycle is beginning in your life, and it’s key that you figure out what’s truly important to you and express your needs. Wonderful news may arrive, but this full moon asks you to let go of limiting beliefs, and maybe even drop an argument that’s not worth your time or energy. Find a way to compromise. Fortunately, the astrological atmosphere is conducive to compromising as the sun and sweet Venus meet and the moon in chill Aquarius helps you detach from the situation.

Let go of the need to be "right," and lead by example instead—live by your words, and make space for other people’s way of doing things. Uranus’s influence this month asks that we all have an open mind, and this is especially true for you during this full moon. A eureka moment arrives soon after the full moon as Mercury clashes with Uranus on August 16—watch out for messages that arrive in your dreams! Your intuitive abilities are especially sharp at this time.

Virgo season officially starts on August 23, but you feel the energy shift in your home and family life early when Mars and Venus enter Virgo on August 18 and 21, respectively. You may be moving, renovating, or redecorating, and emotionally, themes like boundaries, safety, and protection are on your mind. You’re craving more personal space and privacy, and you're valuing relationships with people who make you feel at home. However, you'll still be feeling social, especially as Mercury connects with Jupiter on August 21, bringing big, exciting news your way—it's a fantastic time to meet people or connect with those already in your life.

  • As you evaluate what you want in this new cycle in your life, check out this book will help you figure out what you desire.
  • Keep track of all your ideas and eureka moments this month with these note-taking apps or in this notebook with magnetic pages so you can have the best of the traditional and digital world.
  • If you’re on the move or just doing some redecorating, it can be great to get some experienced help.

August 24 is an especially creative and passionate day as Venus meets Mars. This is a wonderful time to throw a dinner party and invite the people you love or are inspired by into your home. Venus, Mars, and the sun connect with Uranus on August 26, 28, and 29 respectively, creating an electric, transformative atmosphere that's profound for deep emotional work. It’s not like you to cling to the past, but we all have things we find hard to let go or that require closure—your opportunity to release the past easily and joyfully is here now. This is also a powerful time for deep bonding and sharing.

  • Reconnect with the people you love over a dinner prepared at home.
  • Try carving out some physical space to reflect on issues that require closure and should be let go.
  • When you’re feeling the pull from your past, convert old memories into digital artifacts that you can always revisit.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 29 and a new moon in Virgo lands on August 30, making space for you to reflect on and talk about your emotions, wipe the slate clean in issues concerning your home and family life, and connect with your past or ancestors. This is a great time to energetically cleans your home: Mop the floors, change the sheets, and give your space a deep clean before the autumn season begins. A fresh start is here! Good luck, Gemini, and see you in September!

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