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WATCH: This Hungry Shiba Inu Is All of Us After a Long Week

Because it's Friday and you deserve something nice, meet Punchan the Shiba.

by Bettina Makalintal
May 10 2019, 4:29pm

Screenshot via YouTube

We've all seen too many Instagram videos of influencers pulling apart grilled cheeses or biting into burgers. We're tired. Even the cuteness of babies has been diluted as they, too, become ploys for clicks. If anything remains unblemished—the one true antidote to our collective influencer burnout—it's cute animals, and especially cute animals eating food. (I will, quite frankly, never get over the video of hamsters going on a tiny date.)

Because it's Friday and you deserve Something Nice to round out your week, meet Punchan the Shiba, whose wholesome content you can follow on Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube so you can see something that actually puts a smile on your face, for once.

punchan the shiba watching meat being cut on a cutting board
Screenshot via YouTube

The premise across the board is similar: Punchan sits in a chair next to the kitchen counter, where he watches food being prepared. While lesser behaved pups might be tempted to sneak a bite or bark, Punchan sits patiently like the goodest boy, perking up his ears as his owner cuts onions or cooks meat. The look on his face resembles me at the end of a long day, when my boyfriend cooks dinner and I wait with hungry longing.

Many of the meals, like ketchup-based spaghetti, don't actually end up on Punchan's plate (he has his own, of course). Instead, he gets a simpler, more dog-friendly food like boiled meat or bites of omelette, which he eats off a spoon (he's a civilized dog, thank you very much). In any case, as someone who ate mostly instant ramen packets this week, Punchan is food goals.

screenshot of punchan the shiba omelette rice video
Screenshot via YouTube

And if you're into it, these videos probably also count as ASMR. Cue fried chicken sizzle sounds below for extra relaxation:

We give Punchan 12 out of 10 stars for giving us the wholesome, pure food content we truly need.

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