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What Are Drake’s Saturdays Like?

On this episode of October's Very Owned, we take an educated guess. (Spoiler: Lots of Sportscenter.)

by Noisey Staff
Oct 7 2017, 5:04pm

How does Drake spend his Saturdays? Here's what we imagine:

10 AM: Wakes up, uses his walkie talkie to get someone downstairs to bring him up a bowl of cereal (mostly marshmallows).

11 AM: Watches Sportscenter, tries very hard to remember stats he can repeat in conversation later.

12 PM: Listens to OVO Sound on Beats 1, taking notes on how it could be improved.

2 PM: Invites friends to join him in the studio, asks them to pick him up some detergent from Target on the way over.

3 PM: 20-minute power nap.

4 PM: Takes a stroll through is sick-ass wine cellar.

5 PM: Starts to plan out his evening outfit.

9 PM: Gets to the club, shows friends memes of him on his phone.

(That's all we got to in our allotted time.)

In the first Saturday episode of October's Very Owned, VICELAND's Rob McCrae joins hosts Eric Sundermann and Dan Ozzi to take an educated guess about Drake's weekend routine. (Drake, if this is accurate, come on the podcast to talk about it.)

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