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Kaepernick files grievance against NFL, British cops investigate Weinstein, Iraqi troops enter Kurdish territory, and more.

Oct 16 2017, 2:35pm

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US News

Colin Kaepernick Launches Grievance Against NFL
The former San Francisco 49ers player has taken formal legal action against the NFL, claiming the league's owners have "colluded to deprive" him of "employment rights." No NFL team has hired Kaepernick—who came within five yards of a Super Bowl title in 2013—this season after he kick-started league-wide protests by kneeling during the national anthem last year.—ABC News

Trump's Drug Nominee Accused of Buddying Up with Big Pharma
A former Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) official claims lawmakers in Congress prevented action against opioids because of financial "influence" from the pharmaceutical industry. Joe Rannazzisi said Representative Tom Marino—the president's pick to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy—masterminded a 2016 bill to prevent the DEA from halting suspicious industry shipments. Marino reportedly took almost $100,000 in contributions from pharma-related PACs.—The Washington Post

US Staging Evacuation Exercise with South Korea
The US military will hold a multi-day drill with South Korea next week designed to simulate an evacuation of non-combat personnel from the peninsula. On Sunday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said "diplomatic efforts" with North Korea "will continue until the first bomb drops."—The New York Times

At Least Seven Injured in Louisiana Oil Rig Explosion
The blast took place Sunday at a platform in Lake Pontchartrain, just outside of New Orleans. Along with the seven people wounded, one person on the rig was declared missing. Authorities were said to suspect cleaning chemicals caused the explosion.—AP

International News

At Least 300 Killed in Mogadishu Bomb Attacks
The Somali government has updated the death toll and declared three days of mourning Monday after Saturday's car bomb assault on the capital. According to the Ministry of Information, 300 more people have been hospitalized with injuries. No group has yet claimed the worst terror attack in the country's history.—VICE News

Iraqi Troops Move on Kurdish Territory
Government forces have begun an operation to take sites currently controlled by Kurdish fighters in Kirkuk Province. According to Kurdish officials, the Iraqi troops seized oil wells and a military base. Although state media said some areas had been taken "without fighting," gunfire was reported outside of Kirkuk City.—BBC News

Venezuelan Government Claims Election Victory
President Nicolás Maduro 's ruling Socialist Party has triumphed in 17 of 23 governorship races, according to the election authorities. But opposition leaders, having expected to win more of the state contests, claimed foul play. "Neither Venezuelans nor the world will swallow this fiction," said Gerardo Blyde, head of the opposition's election campaign.—Reuters

British Police Investigating Harvey Weinstein Accusations
The Metropolitan Police in London are investigating five separate sexual assault claims made by three women against the former producer. The most recent attack is alleged to have taken place in the UK capital in 2015. The actress Lysette Anthony claimed she was raped by Weinstein in her own home in the late 1980s.—The Guardian

Everything Else

Björk Accuses Filmmaker of Harassment
The singer claimed the Danish director of a movie she worked on "sulked and punished" her for rejecting his advances, which apparently included touching her. Björk, possibly referring to Lars von Trier and her work on Dancer in the Dark, said she was a "sexually harassed being" during the experience.—Slate

James Corden Issues Apology for Harvey Weinstein Gags
The talk-show host said he was "truly sorry for anyone offended" by jokes he made about the shamed Hollywood mogul at an amFAR fundraiser Saturday night. Actress Rose McGowan called Corden a "MOTHERFUCKING PIGLET" on Twitter.—TIME

'Happy Death Day' Debuts at No.1
The horror movie ousted Blade Runner 2049 from the top of the North American box office, taking in $26.5 million. The sequel to the sci-fi classic could only manage $15.1 million, making its total domestic earnings so far $60.6 million.—The Hollywood Reporter

Courtney Love's Warning About Weinstein Resurfaces
During a 2005 interview the singer advised young women: "If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a party at the Four Seasons, don't go." After the clip was shared online this weekend, Love claimed she had been "eternally banned" by the CAA agency for saying it.—Noisey

Prisons Still Charging for Feminine Hygiene Products
Women at about a dozen separate federal prisons have claimed they are still paying for tampons, maxi pads, and panty liners, despite a recent Federal Bureau of Prisons order banning the charges.—VICE News

St. Vincent Shares Bonus Track
Annie Clark put "Power Corrupts," a song on the Japanese version of her new album MASSEDUCTION, onto YouTube. The track is a reworking of the album's title song in Japanese.—Noisey