Watch This Mom Go Off on a Driver for Blowing Through a Stop Sign

We've all had an experience with road rage, but only very few take it to the next level.

by Manisha Krishnan
Mar 29 2019, 4:08pm

Screenshot via YouTube user 


This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

We can all relate to a little road rage. But only a select few of us take that anger to the next level.

Enter, mom with baby in stroller.

Security footage posted on YouTube this week shows a mom going absolutely nuts on a driver in midtown Toronto. As a viewer, one will experience a multitude of emotions while watching this video.

It starts out with the mom walking the stroller along what appears to be a pretty chill sidewalk. It’s a bright, spring day. It looks like morning. Things are calm.

Then the mom starts to cross the street. There are three cars on the other side of the intersection, about to drive past her. One drives past after stopping at the stop sign. Afterward, the mom starts to make her way across the street. The second car, however, blows through the stop sign and has to stop somewhat suddenly to avoid hitting the mom and baby.

But mom is not taking any of his (I assume it’s a dude) bullshit. Mom is not simply flipping him the bird and continuing on her day, swearing to herself in a quiet outrage. No. Mom is pissed the fuck off and she is going to show this dickhead driver how angry she is.

“Fuck off. Fuck you. Get the fuck out of your car,” she screams, parking the stroller in the middle of the street. Yes, blessedly, this video has audio. She pounds his hood.

“No. There’s a child in this, there’s a stop sign,” she yells, gesturing wildly at both things. She starts doing something with her hands—likely with her phone but it’s too far away to tell for sure. She is directly in front of the hood of the car. That’s when the driver of the vehicle starts driving again. He tries to drive around Mom, but she’s not letting him go that easy.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” she shouts. She presses her hands on the car and then hops on as the driver honks. “Fucking asshole.” As mom is taking a ride on the hood, the baby remains in the middle of the street. The stroller has been unattended for at least 20 seconds.

Meanwhile, the third car that was waiting behind the stop sign finally decides to cross and has to drive around the baby and stroller. Another car is lined up to cross. Mom screams something that I can’t comprehend and then heads back to her baby.

There is something so visceral about all of this. Logically speaking, Mom should not have jumped on the car. She definitely shouldn’t have left her baby in the stroller in the middle of the street. It is a small miracle that the stroller didn’t get hit—and that Mom didn’t get injured when she literally hopped onto a moving vehicle.

It’s kind of weird to leave your baby unattended in the middle of a street while complaining about someone else being reckless around your baby. BUT. I get it. Something happens when you have a kid. You get protective in a very primal way. It is like having a dog but less fun and much higher stakes (just kidding! I actually have no idea what it's like to be a parent).

Mom finishes crossing the street. The show is over, but the memories remain.

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