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This Runaway Bus Is the State of the MTA Right Now

We've reached a point where even New York's public transit vehicles are turning against their masters.

by River Donaghey
Jun 21 2017, 5:56pm

Things are pretty bleak for commuters in NYC right now. Not only do straphangers have to worry about bags of dead crabs, near-biblical swarms of crickets, or bloody newspapers joining their morning commute, but at this point they'd be lucky to catch a train running on time.

Sure, every New Yorker has a public transportation horror story, but the delays have gotten so bad recently that people have been trapped underground in hot cars for 45 minutes straight. One college student resulted to a DIY graduation ceremony on a stalled E train last month because he was stuck underground during the real commencement. Now, it looks like we've reached a point where even the Metro Transportation Authority's (MTA) machines are turning against their masters.

Early Wednesday morning, an MTA bus made a quick escape after its driver stepped outside, sending the empty vehicle careening backward down a Brooklyn street:

Twitter user Candace McCowan posted a video of the runaway bus as it smashed into cars and crashed to a stop in front of a church, its helpless driver chasing after it. According to ABC 6, one pedestrian was injured when he dove out of the way of the erratic vehicle.

The MTA has yet to comment on what the hell was going on with this particular public transit nightmare, but it did issue a sweeping apology to troubled NYC commuters on Wednesday following yet another morning of massive subway delays.

The subways may be a total shitshow, but at least it looks like MTA buses are on time—just driverless and going the wrong direction.