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Trump Fans Spent $1,000 Putting Dozens of Peel-Off Stars on the Walk of Fame

Because nothing infuriates the libs more than giant stickers.

by Drew Schwartz
Aug 10 2018, 3:56pm

Screengrabs via The Faction / Twitter

Multiple anti-Trump activists have gone to pretty extreme lengths to vandalize his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, risking years of jail time just for the sweet satisfaction of smashing the thing to bits. But now it looks like Trump's fans have come up with their own ingenious plan to protect the thing, firing back at the libs with $1,000 worth of fake Trump stars that peel right off the sidewalk.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the brave guerilla warriors plastered about 30 of the things on the Walk of Fame early Thursday morning. Disguised as construction workers, they pasted them in empty squares around the stars of Trump critics like Jimmy Kimmel and Ron Reiner, documenting the whole thing in a video set to Upchurch's gag-inducing "Donald Trump," which opens with the pleasant little line: "I'm 'bout to snatch you pussies up like I'm Donald Trump."

The artists behind the stunt—a self-described "anti-PC" group called The Faction, made up of "vandals bringing uncomfortable truth" to the "Libs"—spent $1,000 on the fake stars, funded by a "young and anonymous entrepreneur," according to THR. But seeing as how they invested in sticky pieces of floor vinyl, all 30 of them were removed by Thursday afternoon. City cleaning crews, along with business owners who didn't want their sidewalk smashed to bits again, ripped up the things before too many people saw them.

Trump's actual star is still intact—at least for now. The West Hollywood City Council just passed a resolution urging the city and the chamber of commerce behind the Walk of Fame to remove Trump's star over his "disturbing treatment of women." But because West Hollywood doesn't have any jurisdiction over the landmark, it may remain there until someone else inevitably decides to obliterate the thing.

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