Alabama Player Hilariously Walks Back Shit Talk About Oklahoma QB

Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams stopped himself mid-sentence when he was about to drop a diss on Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and pulled out of a nose-dive.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Dec 28 2018, 5:33pm

Screenshot via Twitter / @BarrettSallee

For young players, the College Football Playoff is the first big taste of what it's like to be a pro. Sure, they're already unpaid professionals, but the level of national attention they receive during the playoff is akin to a big NFL game. It's a time when a player's will is tested on the gridiron. But, to a lesser-emphasized degree, their wills are also tested off the gridiron—by the press.

In an interview with a reporter, Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams was asked about whether or not he's gone up against a quarterback similar to Oklahoma's Kyler Murray. It's an innocent question that could be interpreted as one about style of play and intensity, but Williams started down a shit-talking road and realized he didn't like the destination. So he pulled a tight little U-turn to get out of it:

Pretty amazing to watch the moment click in his head, as he took a quick pause to clear his throat—like using a pin to press the full reset button on a device—and then drop the sentence entirely. The "nah, I'm good" is just priceless.

With the game right around the corner—set for 8pm EST tomorrow—Williams was probably smart not to stir the pot too much. If this was Williams' first big test in a high octane PR environment, he passed with flying colors. A+