7 Dope Gifts for Your Dad

Dads are impossible to shop for, but these presents will show him you do, in fact, get him (even if you still kind of don't).
November 29, 2018, 8:28pm
leather travel bag
Photo by Leandro Crespi/Stocksy

My dad is literally the hardest person in the world to shop for—Daniel is truly content with his circa 1980 dashiki sleepwear, single church suit, French coffee products, and classic vinyls. Any additional items added to his daddy repertoire MUST have a purpose and/or some sort of cool factor. This year, I'm vowing to live up to the challenge—here are some options to help you do the same.

Photo courtesy of Mack Weldon

Travel Tote

It seems like dads always only pack travel essentials, and to hell with unnecessary accessories. I'm all for keeping the load light, but why not do that with an incredibly stylish and waterproof designer bag by Mack Weldon? Bonus: It has mad pockets for loose change and keys (i.e., dad shit).

Photo J.W. Hulme

Wine Tote

I'm pretty sure one of the reasons my dad is still going strong at 72 is his nightly glass of red wine. For the dad who relishes bringing a nice bottle of wine to parties, this acrylic fleece–lined leather tote is a perfect carrier.

Cannabis Infused Moisturizer

Whether your dad was puffing his way through the 70s or doesn't know what a bong even looks like, he'll appreciate this soothing moisturizer. Herb Essentials' cannabis sativa seed oil is said to create elasticity in the skin. I say: It smells fresh and goes on the skin like buttah.

David Bowie Print

Was your dad a Bowie fan? Then I'm sure he'd love this framed print of the late rocker from his 1973 Aladdin Sane album cover. Fan art is perfect for jazzing up an office desk.

Photo courtesy of 228 Grant Street

Amber + Sandalwood Candle

If your dad loves a sandalwood and musk scent combo, he'll adore this eco-friendly soy candle from 228 Grant Street Candle Co. Its lead-free cotton wick primed with vegetable-based wax has notes of notes of sage, tangerine, and mango—so think warm, cozy hotel on a Caribbean island.

Throw Blanket

More than likely, your dad enjoys a good midday nap—preferably on a couch or leather love seat. For those moments of comfort, a nice wool-blend blanket is an inexpensive option.

Hand Soap/Lotion Set

Little upgrades around the house create a sense of luxury. For dad, start with a set of really nice hand soap and lotion from Swedish-based skincare brand, L:A Bruket. The set is scented with notes of sage, rosemary, and lavender that everyone in the house will appreciate.

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