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Which Holiday Rom-Com Character You Are, According to Your Sign

I'm a "Love Actually" sun, "Last Holiday" rising.

by Spicy Gemini Memes
Dec 21 2018, 8:23pm

Photo illustration by Leila Ettachfini.

It’s that time of year again: We’re consumed with feel-good energy and are in the mood to share our love with those around us! What better time to grab a blanket, hot cocoa, and your favorite snuggle buddy to hunker down for a holiday movie marathon? Celebrate the season with this list of zodiac-themed rom-com characters filled with Christmas cheer and find out which character you are below:

Aries: David the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) from Love Actually

Prime Minister David acts before he thinks, dances his feelings out, and will destroy anyone who angers him—including a major world leader! Like a true Aries, David is impulsive, charismatic, and fits comfortably in positions of power. And only an Aries would go door-to-door on Christmas Eve in search of their true love! When an Aries is smitten, they will pursue the object of their fiery affection until they can loudly proclaim their love—or, they’ll accidentally kiss their crush on stage in front of a sea of unsuspecting playgoers. It’s really a toss-up, but in Aries fashion, it will certainly attract attention!

Taurus: Georgia (Queen Latifah) from Last Holiday

A diligent worker, Georgia had to learn she had less than a month to live before dropping everything to pursue a life of luxury. Like a Taurus, she stayed in her lane until she was pushed out of it, and then catapulted into freewheeling decadence. Total fashion makeover? Yes please! Ordering everything in a five-star restaurant? Taurus is here for it! Taurus’s quiet radiance and strong presence attracts admirers from afar—including LL Cool J! But really, their planetary ruler Venus (the planet of love and beauty) usually hooks it up for Tauruses, which is exactly what happened to Georgia when she married the man of her dreams and opened a restaurant. You go, Taurus, killin’ it with your dedication to decadence!

Gemini: Sara (Kate Beckinsale) from Serendipity

Brainy and whimsical, flaky and fantastic, Sara is a Gemini through and through. In spite of their logical minds, Geminis are a bit scattered and more than likely to become attached to beliefs that aren’t grounded in facts. You see, they’re not only intelligent, they also have wild imaginations that tend to run rampant. Sara believes there is an order to the world that transcends the explainable: serendipity. And damn, does it work for her! Gemini is probably the only sign that would get engaged to a famous musician (Lars, an erotic clarinet player and definitely a Pisces—too good for Sara!) and then skip town to find a stranger that SHE!! RAN!! AWAY!! FROM!! YEARS PRIOR!! Never a dull moment in the company of a Gemini, especially in the context of romance.

Sagittarius: Jonathan (John Cusack) from Serendipity

A Sagittarius would leave their supermodel-esque fiancée at the altar to follow their true north. Jonathan’s true north was a strange (and whimsical) girl he met on the streets many years ago, Sara (very much a Gemini). Jonathan’s desire for mental connection with a dash of excitement is encapsulated in his deep need to reconnect with Sara. He is brilliant and bizarre, and no one can tell him what to do. He’ll tell you about constellations but make it sexy and interesting. He’ll get on a plane a little drunk and fly across the country on a whim. With Jupiter, the planet of luck, backing his every step, Jonathan is the wandering Sagittarius, settling down only when he is completely ready to commit.

Bonus: Gemini & Sagittarius is a beautiful sister sign pairing, 10/10 would recommend. They’re equally wild and impulsive—it’s bonkers.

Cancer: Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) from Elf

Cancer people are all about their roots, especially their family. Buddy the elf is no exception, venturing from his cozy home in the North Pole to find his human family. Buddy acts like a highly evolved Cancer: extremely loving, using his creative spark to brighten the lives of those around him, and forever exploring the depths of his colorful emotional landscape. Also, he wants to feed you spaghetti with maple syrup, because Cancers understand that sometimes an emotional eating sesh is all you need. Sure, Buddy is a bit more rambunctious than your typical Cancer (he undoubtedly has a Leo moon), but at his core he is dedicated to his people, and his people would be pretty darn lost without him.

Leo: Samantha James (Anna Farris) from Just Friends

Loud, brash, and totally hot, Samantha James exudes the energy of a lioness in absolutely everything she does. A famous musician and sex symbol who is absolutely willing to grab her boyfriend’s dick in front of his family, Samantha has the confidence (and self-obsession) that only this fire sign could embody. Attracting fans from around the globe, Leo is the sign most likely to have posters of themselves plastered on the walls of their adoring fans’ bedrooms. Remember though, Leo is possessive of what’s theirs—don’t cross this cat or her mans, she’ll hiss at you!

Virgo: Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) from Just Friends

Health-conscious and hyper-critical, Chris Brander is the cleancut, Virgo man of the holiday rom-com lineup. Determined to stay detached in order to protect his heart, Chris methodically attracts partners, only to toss them aside days later. He’s great at this, except when it comes to the only girl who actually got past this façade years ago. That’s where the real Virgo emerges—Big Mushy Virgo Energy: “When we're together, I feel like we're not in high school, but in our own little Chris and Jamie world.” Chris spends the better part of the movie plotting ways to woo Jamie, analytically moving through life like only a Virgo could. At the end of the day, Virgos are looking for a soul connection with someone who feels like home.

Libra: Graham (Jude Law) from The Holiday

“It’s weird, kissing a total stranger.”

Graham’s Libra ass: “Really? I do it all the time”

The hopeless romantic, Graham can seduce without even trying. As the sign of relationships, Libra is blessed with a glowing, Venusian energy that no one can resist. Charming and open to love, Libras explore whatever romantic energies come their way, especially when they’re from a cute foreign stranger! Also, a Libra would definitely make dramatic declarations of love the night before their fling is scheduled to leave the country. Libra won’t give up on you—they’ll stay the night if you ask them to. Probably marriage material.

Capricorn: Amanda (Cameron Diaz) from The Holiday

High-powered and fierce, Amanda is at the top of her game professionally and won’t let anyone get her down—especially not a cheater. Amanda knows who she is and isn’t afraid to punch a jackass in the face; two traits Capricorns wear with pride! She wants to connect with her emotions, but at the same time, crying is hard and she has other (more important) things to do! She can only relax by traveling halfway across the world to a remote cottage in the English countryside, falls in love against her better judgment, and isn’t sure she can handle “complicated.”

Scorpio: Amy (Rachel McAdams) from The Family Stone

Amy oozes scorpion energy, from her snarky remarks to her carefully constructed persona. Sullen and suspicious, she seldom lets someone into her heart, but the few people she chooses to love get to see what’s beneath her icy veneer: genuine warmth, compassion, and undying loyalty. Amy is a Scorpio because she loves wholeheartedly, which is something astrology tends to gloss over. She sees through all try-hard behavior and will absolutely not tolerate it. Also, she’s still in love with a fling from years ago because Scorpio is the definition of a ride or die. We respect you, Amy.

Aquarius: Brad and Kate (Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon) from Four Christmases

Okay, stick with me here: Aquarius is the sign of freedom—and they’re the first ones to skip town at the thought of an unwanted obligation, like dealing with obnoxious family during the holidays. Brad and Kate embody true Aquarian energy, shirking tradition and avoiding tough, emotional topics like marriage (ugh) and babies (gross). But like a stoic and cold housecat, they return to the ones they love with a touch of disdain and a loyal heart.

Pisces: Lucy (Sandra Bullock) from While You Were Sleeping

What better sign than Pisces to fall in love with a stranger, save his life, and then accidentally convince everyone—including his family!—that she’s engaged to him? Lucy is compassionate and just a tad unrealistic, but her commitment is sincere. Pisces is the sign of empathy and illusion, which Lucy embodies with ease. Unlike most people, she dutifully sits at the bedside of a comatose man she’s loved from afar without a single expectation. Selflessness might as well be her middle name, but delusion is her last. We know young Peter Gallagher is a dreamboat, but he just ain’t right for you! Lucy was in over her head but followed her heart, and ended up with her soulmate. Like the life of a Pisces, the twists and turns of Lucy’s story are both mysterious and pure magic.

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