We Couldn't Stop Watching 'Nailed It' and 'Homecoming'

Corporate and culinary horror shows.
January 10, 2019, 8:15pm
Julia Roberts and Stephan James sit across from one another in Homecoming.
"Homecoming" publicity still courtesy of Amazon

It's Thursday, which means it's time for the first Waypoints recording of 2019! Austin and Rob haven't slept, because Rob decided to clean his apartment at midnight Austin stayed up watching the entirety of Amazon's new series from Sam Esmail: Homecoming, starring Julia Roberts. What does this postmodern corporate horror story have to say about life and work, and how does it differ from Esmail's celebrated USA show, Mr. Robot? Does it suffer from using the "War on Terror" as a backdrop without interrogating it? Meanwhile, the gang has also been watching Nailed It on Netflix, which features plenty of horror shows of its own. Watching amateur bakers come to grips with complicated recipes, Patrick is reminded of his own culinary journey so far.

Useful Links

IndieWire had a good breakdown of some of the more interesting stylistic elements of Homecoming.

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