We're Liveblogging the Vice Presidential Debates from a Kink Meetup in Indiana

​We're liveblogging the Vice Presidential debate from a kink meetup at a gay bar, which is fitting since Tim Kaine is America's daddy.

by Bethy Squires
Oct 5 2016, 1:00am

Image via screengrab

10:37 PM

Ironic chants of "USA USA" at the gay bar. I'm glad I'm already in close proximity to alcohol. Good night, and good luck to us all.

10:35 PM

Pence says "thank you, Senator" the way Southern women say "bless your heart." It means "fuck you."

10:29 PM

People are not happy about the antiabortion rhetoric going on right now. Someone roared like a lion. Mike Pence started the attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

10:27 PM

I feel like Pence and Kaine might start kissing at any moment, now that they're talking God. Strange that Pence didn't bring up how much he loves fetus funerals.

10:24 PM

An audible gasp when faith was brought up by Elaine.

10:20 PM

Tim Kaine calls Trump Foundation octopus-like. Don't let it be said Democrats can't use coded nautical language.

10:19 PM

The Clinton Foundation has an A rating by charity watch. "What was the question again?" someone asks. The question is about North Korea.

10:17 PM

The bar has emptied, only a handful of political masochists remain. Almost all the sadomasochists have skedaddled.

10:13 PM

Here's what Trump actually said about Ukraine and the Crimea.

10:12 PM

Whole bar boos when Pence calls the Clinton campaign "insult driven."

10:08 PM

The irony of Pence saying "Elaine, let me finish a sentence." Poor Elaine hasn't finished a sentence once tonight.

10:07 PM

I was given the Pence mask.

10:05 PM

Kaine just said "you need to go back to a 5th grade civics class." Indiana civics classes aren't until senior year and it's only a semester.

People are just yelling "fuck off" at the TV now.

10 PM

Pence: "We have got to lean into this with broad strong shoulders..."

Woman here: "Don't you steal 'lean in!'"

9:59 PM

People are booing at mention of the emails. Kaine tries to address it and a woman yells "No! Don't respond to that!" Just in time.

9:55 PM

The kinksters are leaving the bar. This debate was just a little too rough to watch, even for them.

9:52 PM

Big Daddy Kaine is not great at being challenged, like many dads.

Of course Pence shifts away from the domestic born terrorists. "You're not answering the question," a man sighs.

9:48 PM

"Oh this should be good" someone mutters when the moderator asks if this country is safer or more dangerous.

Someone just woop-woop'd (Juggalo family call style) when Kaine said Hillary was the only one who could make America safe.

Kaine is going in!

And the gay bar is loving it. "I love this guy!"

9:45 PM

"I don't like the way he shushes with his hands," says a woman about Pence's rebuttal style.

9:41 PM

Pence may not have many fans of his policies here, but they do love his words. "I love the phrase 'criminal aliens,'" someone tells me.

People clapping for "basket of deplorables."

9:35 PM

Pence chatting about "law and order" now.

People are getting very upset about Pence yelling about implicit bias. When Pence said "Then everyone has implicit bias," the crowd replied, "That's what implicit bias means!"

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9:27 PM

An applause break for chastising the candidates for talking over each other.

9:25 PM

When Pence mentioned people in Fort Wayne being worried about the economy, someone yelled "People in Fort Wayne are worried about clowns!" referring to the spate of menacing clowns in the woods, some of which have been in Fort Wayne.

Pence seems like an annoyed science teacher. It's probably the best position he could take, seeming unaffected by all the valid accusations coming his way.

9:21 PM

People are muttering about how Trump has no plan, and Pence's words aren't covering that up. Also Pence strong-armed a right-to-work bill in Indiana that has alienated union workers. Kaine is giving specifics, but I'm not following it. It sounds comforting though.

"Answer the fucking question!" multiple people just yelled.

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9:18 PM

"He's a terrible governor, he's a terrible person, but he's good at this," someone said about Pence's demeanor.

9:17 PM

Someone just whispered in my ear "woof. This is rough, and it just started."

9:15 PM

When Pence said "Donald Trump has made hundreds of thousands of jobs" someone yelled "In China!" The crowd, naturally, erupted.

9:14 PM

This dude has a lot of nerve bringing up instability in Syria and Russia.

9:13 PM

The Hoosiers are laughing at Pence's opening remarks basically being a cover of "Small Town" by Johnny Cougar Mellencamp. But the crowd isn't in Kaine's hand either. When Elaine asked Daddy Kaine why people don't trust Hillary, someone shouted "because she lies!!"

9:02 PM

Hoosiers are already rolling their eyes at the CBS anchor saying Pence has a calm demeanor.

9 PM
Someone from the kink group has brought a Mike Pence mask for her slave. They'll be getting flogged throughout the debate.

Bloomington, Indiana is not a Pence town. There are multiple toilets with his face painted inside them. Talking to people at the bar, they're mainly looking for Pence to be destroyed.

Elaine Quijano has asked that the people present not bully the candidates. Luckily this warning does not extend to us here on the internet.