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Introducing the Winner of Ray-Ban's Envision Series

To celebrate the winner of VICE and Ray-Ban's Envision Series, we invited all of Brooklyn to drink Sailor Jerry's and dance their butts off as the legendary James Murphy DJed.

by VICE Staff
Nov 23 2013, 6:12pm

Over the past year, VICE and Ray-Ban have collaborated on the Envision Series. We've created videos with everyone from Dan Deacon to Action Bronson and hosted events at Pitchfork Music Festival and Roberta's Bushwick Party. These projects happened for one reason: we were searching for an individual worthy enough to have his or her creative vision come to life (and of course, to also have tons of fun). After a nationwide search, we chose Chicago's Britton Wetherald. To celebrate Britton's project and our year of work, we threw a massive party and invited all of Brooklyn to hang out, drink Sailor Jerry's and New Castle, and dance their butts off while the legendary James Murphy DJed. Check out the video below and see how Britton's vision came to life.