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This Genius 12-Year-Old Is the Youngest Person to Go to an Ivy League

Seems reasonable considering he read 'Lord of the Rings' at five and started studying calculus at six.
September 2, 2016, 4:50pm

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Most of us spent our tween years just trying to get through middle school without pissing off our parents or being too terribly harassed in the halls about back acne. But at 12 years old, Jeremy Shuler is putting all of us to shame by becoming the youngest person to enter college at an Ivy League university, the Guardian reports.

The whizkid from Texas started classes at Cornell University this month after getting near perfect SAT and AP test scores at the age of ten, and so far he seems to be adjusting well to college life. "The classes are kind of easy so far, but I know they'll be harder pretty soon," he said to the Guardian.

And if that doesn't make you feel bad enough, being the youngest kid to head off to a prestigious university is just one of Shuler's long list of advanced accomplishments. His parents, who just happen to be aerospace engineers, told the Guardian that enrolling him into kindergarten was pretty pointless considering the kid had read the Lord of the Rings trilogy at five and started studying calculus at six.

While Shuler's college experience is sure to be a little different than that of most millennials today—considering he can't drive, let alone legally drink—his professors think that might be to his advantage.

"It's risky to extrapolate, but if you look at his trajectory and he stays on course, one day he'll solve some problem we haven't even conceived of," Cornell engineering dean Lance Collins told the Guardian.

Shuler doesn't seem too worried about the age gap between he and his coeds, either. "As Mommy said, all the kids in math camp were older than me, so I'm used to having older friends," he said, "as long as they like math."

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Photo of Cornell via Flickr user Upsilon Andromedae