The Beauty and Strangeness of a Day at the Track

Eric Chakeen's photographs explore the fading horse-racing culture in Del Mar, California

by Eric Chakeen
Aug 8 2016, 10:00pm

Del Mar, my hometown, is a small, beachy suburb of San Diego, home to about 4,000 people and the second-largest racetrack in California. I've been drawn to the track as far back as I can remember—the palm trees and the smells of sunscreen, spent adrenaline, and stale beer always make me nostalgic. Horse racing is slowly fading into the past, replaced by other forms of entertainment, but you can still get the entire range of human experience in the two minutes between the "and away they go" that marks the start of the race and the crossing of the finish line. I hope some of these photographs capture that in between.

Eric Chakeen is an artist and photographer based in NYC. You can follow his work here.

And Away We Go is now available via Done To Death.