The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Snap polls suggest Hillary Clinton won the first debate, Colombia's government and the FARC rebel group sign a peace deal, water plumes may have been spotted above Jupiter's moon, and more.
September 27, 2016, 1:15pm

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

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US News

Clinton Wins First Debate, According to Polls
Initial surveys and focus groups indicate a majority of viewers thought Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate. A poll of viewers by CNN / ORC found that 62 percent thought Clinton won and only 27 percent thought Donald Trump did. A similar poll by Public Policy Polling found that 51 percent thought Clinton won compared to 40 percent for Trump. And while both polls may have a Democratic lean, focus groups of undecided voters had similar results.—Vox

Police Kill Houston Gunman After He Injures Nine
At least nine people were injured when a gunman wearing an old military uniform and armed with thousands of rounds of ammunition opened fire in Houston Monday. Police killed the gunman, as yet unnamed, after he began shooting randomly at passersby. Police were seen removing what appeared to be a swastika from the gunman's car.—NBC News

Wildfire Spreads in the Santa Cruz Mountains
A fast-moving wildfire has spread across 1,000 acres and prompted the evacuations of 300 buildings in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California. Crews continue to battle the fire, which is only five percent contained. A large plume of smoke coming from Santa Clara County can be seen for miles.—ABC News

At Least One Charlotte Officer Did Not Switch on Camera Until After Shooting
Some evidence in the police shooting of Keith Scott isn't going to turn up anytime soon because an officer failed to activate his body camera that day. The cop from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD, who has not been identified, did not turn on his camera until after the shooting, a violation of department policy.—The Washington Post

International News

Twelve Killed in Aleppo as Airstrikes Continue
Airstrikes erupted in rebel-held areas of Aleppo on Monday, with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reporting at least 12 people, including three children, were killed. Rescue workers tried to help hundreds of wounded Syrians after a Russian-backed government air offensives, but just 30 doctors were said to be active in east Aleppo.—Al Jazeera

Colombia and FARC Sign Peace Deal
Colombia's government and the Marxist FARC rebel group have signed a peace deal to end over 50 years of war. President Juan Manuel Santos and rebel leader Timochenko signed the accord with a pen made from a bullet casing. Colombians will vote on Sunday on whether to ratify the agreement, but polls suggest it will pass.—VICE News

Saudi Women File Petition to End Guardianship
A petition calling for reform of Saudi Arabia's much-maligned guardianship system—signed by more than 14,000 Saudi women—was said to be delivered to the government. As of now, women require the consent of a male guardian to travel abroad and often need permission from their guardian to work or study.—BBC News

Jordanians Protest Assassination of Writer
Protesters in Jordan staged a demonstration outside the prime minister's residence in Amman, angry at the failure to protect a Christian writer shot dead after he shared a cartoon image seen as insulting Islam on social media. A former Muslim preccher, The writer, Nahed Hattar, was shot by a former Muslim preacher on Sunday.—Reuters

Everything Else

Water Plumes Spotted Above Jupiter's Moon
NASA has revealed images of what may be water vapor plumes erupting from the surface of Jupiter's icy moon, Europa. The revelation could pave the way for exploring signs of life without drilling past endless tracts of ice.—The Guardian

Ty Dolla $ign to Play MTV's Millennial Voting Event
Ty Dolla $ign and Vic Mensa will perform at MTV's Total Registration Live, a one-hour special on Tuesday for National Voter Registration Day. Kendall Jenner will also appear to encourage millennials to register to vote.—Rolling Stone

LeBron James Says He Respects Kaepernick's Protest
The NBA star backs Colin Kapernick's protest against police shootings and racial inequality, but does not plan to kneel during the national anthem. "When I'm passionate about something, I'll speak up on it, so me standing for the national anthem is something I will do. That's who I am, that's what I believe in. But that doesn't mean I don't respect and don't agree with what Colin Kaepernick is doing," he said.—AP

Canadian Officials Seize Enough Fentanyl to Make 8.4 Million Pills
Canada Border Services Agency officials have seized fentanyl 32 times in the past several months. Those seizures add up to 18.65 pounds of fentanyl—enough to produce more than 8.4 million pills at an estimated street value of $128 million.—VICE News

Twitter Refuses to Block Turkish Journalist
A Turkish court ordered Twitter to block the account of a noted journalist last week, accusing him of "instigating terrorism," but Twitter has decided not to comply. The account of Mahir Zeynalov, a well-known DC-based writer, is still up.—Motherboard

DEA Set to Ban Herbal Alternative Used by Heroin Users, Pain Sufferers This Week
A federal ban of Kratom, a South Asian herbal remedy used to treat both chronic pain and addiction, is set to start September 30. Forty-five members of Congress have written to the DEA asking them to delay the ban.—VICE