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This morning, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump win in New Hampshire, the Supreme Court halts Obama's climate chance plans, Kanye West has claimed Bill Cosby is innocent, and more.

by VICE Staff
Feb 10 2016, 11:54am

Bernie Sanders in Manchester, New Hampshire. Photo via Flickr user Ted Eytan

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US News

Big Wins for Sanders and Trump
Bernie Sanders has won New Hampshire with 60 percent of the vote, carrying more than 80 percent of voters ages 18 to 29. Donald Trump won the Republican primary with 35 percent of the vote, a level of support that was higher than polls in the state had suggested. —USA Today

Supreme Courts Halts Obama's Climate Plan
The Supreme Court has voted 5-4 to block a key part of President Obama's plan to reduce carbon emissions. The order stops the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from making sure emissions at power plants are cut by 32 percent by 2030. —The Washington Post

US to Send Troops Back to Afghanistan
The US is planning to send "hundreds" of troops to Afghanistan to help government forces battle Taliban militants—the largest deployment since the end of the mission in 2014. The new influx will protect current Special Operation troops in Helmand province. —The New York Times

Four Shot Outside Michigan High School
Four people—two males and two females—have been injured after shooting took place in a Michigan high school parking lot while a basketball game took place inside. Police said it appeared to be part of a dispute that began last week in Grand Rapids. —Fox News

International News

Iran to Negotiate With Saudis on Oil
Iran's oil minister has said that his country is ready to negotiate with Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members to "balance" the international oil market. Iran announced plans to produce 500,000 barrels per day after Western economic sanctions were lifted. —Al Jazeera

German Police Dismiss Crash Theory
German police have rejected reports that a line controller turned off an automatic safety system shortly before two passenger trains collided in Bavaria, killing ten people. "Discard that, we reject that," a police spokesman told the German media. —BBC News

Turkey Detains Syrians With Suicide Vests
The Turkish military has detained 34 people and seized up to 15 kilograms of explosives and four suicide-bomber vests as they tried to enter Turkey. The group was detained on Tuesday night across the border from an area controlled by Islamic State militants. —Reuters

Mexican Students Were Not Burned by Gang, Says Report
A new report into the disappearance of 43 Mexican students says there is no evidence to support the official story that they were killed and their bodies were burned by a gang. Argentine investigators said there was no DNA at the garbage dump to support the government's claim. —CNN

Ghostface Killah. Photo via Wikimedia.

Everything Else

Ghostface Killah Goes Off On Shkreli
The Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah slammed Martin Shkreli in an epic 11-minute YouTube video. Attacking him for AIDS drug price hikes, Killah called Shkreli a "fake-ass super villain" with a "12-year-old's body". —Vulture

Kayne: Cosby is Innocent
Kanye West is unconvinced Bill Cosby drugged and abused dozens of women, and dropped an explosive all-caps tweet to say so: "BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!" —TIME

Feds Crack Down on Mexican Heroin
A high-profile bust in Florida has revealed how stronger varieties of heroin are arriving in the state from Mexico. Opioid-related deaths have reached record levels in Florida. —VICE

Scientists Explain Resting Bitch Face
Researchers have used a program called FaceReader to study the strange phenomenon of Resting Bitch Face (RBF). An emotion registered as "contempt" accounts for 5.76 percent of expressions used by those with RBF. —VICE

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