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A Man Says He Is Getting Evicted Because a Stranger Got a BJ on His Back Porch

He swears he didn't witness anything or anyone going down on his porch.

by River Donaghey
Jul 21 2015, 5:40pm

Not the man who got the alleged deck BJ, but a contented man nonetheless. Photo via Flickr user Pleuntje

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A single father in Canada is being evicted after his landlord saw a guy getting some head on the tenant's back porch, but the 54-year-old man swears he didn't know it was happening and that he doesn't know the couple in question. He's been fighting the eviction since March, and now he's taking his case to the Canadian Supreme Court.

The landlord, a caretaker for the Greater Victoria Housing Society, spotted the BJ-in-progress while he was posting notices on all of the tenants' doors about a repair issue, the Province reports. Apparently, anyone living at the apartment complex in Victoria, BC, could clearly see the action, including children and senior citizens.

"I was so shocked I said nothing," the caretaker said in a report he filed.

The resident, Steven Beryl Bristow, was inside while the alleged beej was happening, but Bristow claims he didn't witness anything (or anyone) going down on his porch. He also says the man and woman involved were probably a couple of drunk, neighborhood bottle-collectors, and that they weren't even his guests.

The building's director of property management told Bristow to disregard the eviction notice after they talked through the incident, but apparently the landlord never got the memo. Now Bristow has filed a petition in a BC Supreme Court to fight for his right to stay in the apartment. He's set to duke it out with his landlord in the coming months.