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The 8 Ball Zine Fair Has Nothing to Do with Cocaine

But it does involve cheap margaritas and zines from some of our favorite weirdos on the zine scene.

by VICE Staff
Jun 1 2012, 11:00pm

This Sunday, June 3, you'll find us happily hanging at Grand Billiards for the inaugural 8 Ball Zine Fair, hobnobbing with the best and brightest weirdos in the zine scene. No, we're not let down by this event's title. Who needs 3.5 grams of that white girl when you can drink cheap margaritas with publishing nerds and pick up some rare zines? The fair is being organized by our friends Lele Saveri and Miyako Bellizzi, who styled our amazing "Pretty Kool-A" shoot in the May issue, and they're inviting anyone and everyone to bring their own zines to sell at the event. There will also be a special edition zine-set with contributions from Peter and Andrew Sutherland, Maggie Lee, Weirdo Dave, Lele Saveri, and around a dozen other big zinesters. The proceeds will go towards saving Grand Billiards. So browse, buy, and/or sell to show your support for independent publishers and our local billiards joint. 

A drop off table will be open from 1:30 PM and the event will go from 2 to 8 PM.

For more information, visit the Facebook event. 

Bookstore/Publishers present:
Dashwood Books
Ed Varie
Toilet Paper
Pau Wau
Hamburger Eyes
Swill Children

Special Edition Zine-collection with following artists:
Peter and Andrew Sutherland
Maia Lee
Maggie Lee and Weirdo Dave
Miyako Bellizzi
Patrick Griffin
Lele Saveri
Ari Marcopolus
IO Wright
Sandy Kim
Othelo Gervacio
Todd Jordan
Jack Greer
Aurelien Arbet & Jeremie Egry
Brian Paul Lamotte
Jesse Hlebo

June 3rd
2 to 8 PM
Grand Billiards 

750 Grand St. 
Brooklyn, NY 11206

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