Here Are the Laziest Apps

You'd probably try these out if you weren't such a deadbeat.

Aug 10 2012, 6:39pm

The world was so much work before the arrival of smartphones. Remember when you had to carry a camera and a cell phone when you went on nature walks? And even then you couldn’t check your email on the trail. Or what about the dark time before that when there weren’t even cell phones and the only way to make a phone call on the go was to cram a bunch of coins into a filthy black box? My my my, how far we’ve come in the past couple of decades.

We’ve entered a new era of convenience, and technologists are stretching the limits of what our phones can do to make our lives easier. A growing number of apps are tackling this very simple problem while creating a new economy for hyper-temporary labor. Don’t feel like doing your laundry? Tell your phone to find someone to do it for you. Don’t want to risk going out to an empty bar? Tell your phone to send a scout. Don’t like your coffee table? Tell your phone to bring you a new one. It’s a brilliant tradeoff.Not only do you get to be lazier, but you can also send a little bit of work to the less fortunate. Try it!

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