Joe Biden Thinks He'd Leave Donald Trump in the Dust if They Went for a Jog

"I don't think he could keep up," the vice president said Monday.

by VICE Staff
Sep 13 2016, 8:37pm

Joggin' Joe Biden. Original images via Flickr users Marc Nozell and Cellule Communication

While Hillary Clinton tries to recover from a bout of pneumonia, the presidential contest has basically devolved into a bunch of elderly people screaming about which candidate is healthier. Right before Bill Clinton said he was "almost certain" his wife was healthier than her Republican opponent, 73-year-old vice president Joe Biden chimed in to invite Donald Trump on a quick run around the block, the New York Postreports.

"I'd like to jog with him," Biden said in South Carolina Monday. "I don't think he could keep up."

It's unclear if Biden's jab at Trump's physical fitness comes in response to the candidate's rushed doctor's note or those naked statues that popped up around US cities, but he seems pretty confident that he can beat the candidate in an old-fashioned foot race, no matter what Trump's physical records wind up saying.

Biden also said he thinks Clinton's health is just a byproduct of being a 68-year-old running for the highest office in the country.

"Look, when you run the schedule we run—14, 15 hours a day—I've had walking pneumonia, last year. And you know what it takes? It takes antibiotics and it takes getting through a thick skull like Hillary's and mine to slow down," Biden said.

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