Listen to Episode One of the Waypoint UK Podcast: We’re Talking ‘Football Manager 2017’

That’s what we’re calling it, for now. And this episode’s all about Sports Interactive’s amazingly successful management sim.

by Mike Diver
Nov 10 2016, 3:38pm

Above: UI image by Stephen Maurice Graham 

The VICE Gaming Podcast is no more. Since we moved over to our own website proper, the one you're looking at now, we thought we'd best rename what we're doing over here. So here we are: the debut Waypoint UK Podcast. Makes sense, right? 

This episode of the UK podcast—a monthly affair for the time being, although we'd love to make it more regular if you guys want it more often—focuses on the newly released Football Manager 2017, the latest entry in the hugely successful boss simulator franchise from London-based Sports Interactive. Spreadsheets have never been so addictive.

On the podcast this month, beside Waypoint senior editor Mike Diver (a Southampton fan), is Grant Appleyard (a Newcastle fan), senior producer on Football Manager 2017 and a Sports Interactive veteran having joined the studio in 2001. Also joining us is VICE Sports UK editor Jim Weeks (an Arsenal fan). We talk about our own Football Manager memories, the game's amazing depth, and just how recent political events—Brexit, the election of Trump—could be simulated in this and future installments.

Inevitably there is wider football—soccer, if we must—chat, too: about the state of the Premier League's top teams, the price of pies, that sort of thing. But heck, I reckon a little distraction's okay for 40 minutes.

 Listen to the podcast below.

Next month: we've the British gaming legend that is Ian Livingstone on the Waypoint UK Podcast, to talk Tomb Raider and Fighting Fantasy.

Find all previous UK podcasts—both Waypoint and VICE Gaming—on Soundcloud here. We have a regular US podcast, hosted by Austin Walker and Patrick Klepek (and guests), the latest episode of which is here​. 

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