Listen to a New Version of Sigur Rós' Wildly Atmospheric “Hoppípolla”

The veteran post-rockers have recorded a new version of the track to accompany the BBC's "Planet Earth II".
November 24, 2016, 2:42pm

The BBC's Planet Earth (otherwise known as the show with the best social media team on the internet) has been airing its second series in the UK for a few weeks now to universal adoration, mostly due to the cool animals, ingenious storytelling and of course the involvement of our beloved collective granddad David Attenborough.

But another thing that makes Planet Earth the televisual behemoth it is is the iconic music, as supplied by Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Rós, and the band has now shared a new version of their ultra-atmospheric track "Hoppípolla" which is used as part of the soundtrack for series two.

Planet Earth is close to the band's hearts, as they told the BBC: "In Iceland we are blessed with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of wild and untamed places. But even here, in the very furthest flung corners of Europe's largest wilderness, the scars of human industry are visible, the plans for future encroachments, by dam and smelter, legion."

They continued, "Sigur Rós are proud to be associated with Planet Earth II and its all-important mission to hold us rapt in understanding of, and respect for, this endlessly fascinating, utterly surprising and ultimately fragile place we are lucky enough to call home for a short while."

Hear hear. Now lemme watch those dancing bears for the fourteenth time real quick.

You can listen to the new version of "Hoppípolla" below:

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(Image by Alive87 via Wikipedia)