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Sink into a Three Day Darkness With Votaries New Video "Trick Tomorrow"

Directed by Valerian Zamel, the video is a slow and dramatic descent into strangeness.

by Noisey Staff
Oct 28 2016, 4:48pm

Flower petals floating in a bath, veladora candles, and smoking ciggies, in a car with rain running down the windscreen, Votaries​ new video "Trick Tomorrow" has some dark and tense vibes running through it.

Written and directed by Valerian Zamel,​ who has worked with Ukiah Drag and Willis Earl Beal, the video depicts a slow, hypnotic descent into darkness, while also evoking the surreal, and dreamy aesthetics of the song.

Votaries is the current musical project of Jackson Scott, an Asheville, North Carolina resident with a penchant for poppy psych. Taken from their upcoming debut album Psychometry, "Trick Tomorrow," delivers dark shoegaze that gently flickers like a religious candle.

""Trick Tomorrow" has a wonderful quicksand feeling to it, as soon as I heard the song I felt as if I was being pulled into dark waters," explains Valerian, "I knew I wanted to create a music video that had that similar quicksand feeling, a hypnotic journey into ones self."

Check the tense video below.

'Psyochmetry' is available Oct 28 on Wharf Cat Records.