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Greco-Roman's Rising Star Roosevelt's Been Given a Romantic Re-Rub by Justus Köhncke

The Kompakt main man's take on "Fever" is lovelorn technopop that'll make you dance, cry, and dance again.

by Josh Baines
Aug 9 2016, 3:42pm

If your day's not made that little bit better by hearing a brand new remix from Komapkt superstar Justus Köhncke then we're not sure if music's really for you. For over two decades now the Cologne big dog's been producing some of the most perversely lovely techno-pop imaginable, so it's no surprise that his reimagining of Greco-Roman's Roosevelt's gorgeous track "Fever" is a stunner.

Roosevelt himself says, "Justus Köhncke has always been a key figure of the electronic scene in Cologne, so I'm psyched to release this remix. The way that he has mixed up techno with a pop appeal—right back to in his first releases with Whirlpool Productions—gave me an understanding of how blurry the lines between these genres can be."

Justus' genre-bending is deployed to excellent effect here, and the end result is a gloriously gloopy piece of hands-in-the-air discopop that's got that essential tinge of melancholy hanging around it that marks out the best of Köhncke's work. You'll laugh, you'll dance, you'll nip to the toilets for a quick cry before coming back to dance and laugh all over again. Carried by a bassline thicker than the average, the whole thing floats upwards towards the kind of celestial club we all start dreaming about as soon as the sun shines.

Fall in love with it below.

Roosevelt's self-titled debut album arrives on August 19th via Greco-Roman.

Roosevelt is on Facebook // SoundCloud

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