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FJAAK's Berlin-Inspired "11.11" Mix is a Blast of Ice-Cold Techno

A sonic shout-out to dark clubs, grey winters, "Spanish tourists on ketamine," and more.

by Krystal Rodriguez
Dec 15 2016, 4:59pm

Photo by Birgit Kaulfuss

As we explored earlier this year, Berlin is one of the world's most popular destinations for techno tourists who seek cavernous, dungeon-like spaces and electronic sounds not as readily available where they live. When you've grown up there, however, do places like Berghain—which within the last year has been hyped up to America's mainstream audience by Claire Danes and Conan O'Brien—still maintain their air of excitement and mystery, or do they become the German equivalent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

In the case of local trio FJAAK, it's the former. The Monkeytown-signed act, hot off their New York debut at Dusk & Haze and the release of their new record Wolves, have handed THUMP an exclusive half-hour mix they say is inspired by their hometown, namely "dark techno clubs, the grey and cold winter, Spanish tourists on ketamine, cheap döner and beer from your späti next door." Starting off innocently dreamy, it quickly spirals into dark, dubby, shiver-inducing techno that pummels and echoes off the walls of your brain to multiple near-breaking points.

Listen to FJAAK's new mix below. To really get your senses reeling, watch a video visual clip set to their track "Gewerbe 15."