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Hella Hyphy! Catchdubs' Top Five Robot Raps

The Fools Gold boss on the inspiration behind his bizness, his biznass.

by THUMP Staff
Jul 25 2013, 12:00am

A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs' Fool's Gold Records is the label that's done the most to bring rap to the rave (arguably, even more than all your favorite MCs doing Molly). Whether it's discovering Danny Brown, bringing rap dudes like Just Blaze to DJ dance music at their parties, or A-Trak touring as Kanye West's DJ and inundating him with electronic sounds (what, you thought Ye sampling Daft Punk on "Stronger" was entirely his idea?), Fool's Gold has been mixing things up since they started.

Label manager Catchdubs is a large part of this cross-pollinated jambalaya, and yesterday he released a new electro-rap beat, "Bizness," with Bay Area rappers Iamsu and Jay Ant. You know that shit is hella hyphy, but what's even better are remixes for you rowdy ravers by Main Course's Astronomar and trap gawd Etc!Etc! Listen to that above, and then scroll to the bottom to watch the funny video they made, featuring cast members of The Mighty Boosh and Strangers With Candy.

We asked Mr. Catchdini what's good and he decided to tell us about his top five robot raps because, he says, "That's the vibe I was in when working on the 'Bizness' beat." Amen.

5. Turf Talk - "Do The Robot"
Self-explanatory slap. Turf's first two albums (the amazing Street Novelist and West Coast Vaccine: The Cure) are filled with stuff like this: face-melters tossed off with a Garfield level of casualness. (Plus, there's like a hundred other hyphy-era jams I could put in this place.)

4. Ruff Ryders featuring Twista & Drag On - "Twisted Heat"
Josh Flosstradamus recently got a RR earring. Strong look. Swizz Beats' full-on Casio era is a favorite. Fuck! Yo! Circuitry!

3. Jay-Z - "Jigga What, Jigga Who"
Pre-Samsung blacklight anthem.

2. Clipse - "Trill"
The Neptunes catalog is littered with cyborg bangers. But this shit right here? Hard. Spell it with extra vowels. HOARD.

1. Busta Rhymes featuring Pharrell - "Light Your Ass On Fire"
Not sure why they went with ironic suburban vibes on this video (from P & Chad's still-great compilation Clones). I would have styled this at the S&M store where Missy used to get all those awesome studded leather garbage bags.

Watch the video for "Bizness":